Club evening August: BYOB; Tales of the tails

DATE: 2024-08-15 | TIME: 20:00 - 22:30
Sometimes we see members bringing in whisky to share with other members during a tasting. It's a great gesture of community and emphesizing that whisky is best enjoyed when shared! However, these whiskies don't always get the platform they deserve after a full line-up of Society Cask whiskies.
It is because of this, and because members have requested, we will organize an event where this sharing is the overarching theme. a Bring Your Own Bottle -event.
This "Tales of the tails" -event is going to be all about sharing! Members are invited to bring a (preferably Society Cask) whisky, perhaps the last drams in the bottle (the tails), to share with other members. Not only the whisky, but also the stories behind the whisky (the tales) are important! Why do you want to share it? Just because it is great, or is there a more elaborate story attached to the bottle and it's contents? Is it your best, your worst, did you buy it for a special occasion? We want to know, so let's share drams and stories while tasting in a informal and relaxed summer evening atmosphere!
The entry fee is to cover the costs of The Malt Vault and inludes a welcome dram.
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Photography may be taken for marketing purposes during this event. If you do not wish to be featured in any photography, please speak to a member of staff.


Please note, this event is held at an external venue